How it Works

L-theanine blocks the binding of L-glutamic acid to glutamate receptors, the body’s most prominent excitatory neurotransmitter while also significantly increasing the activity in the alpha frequency band creating a relaxing anti-stress effect without inducing drowsiness.This anti-stress effect in combination with caffeine allows you to experience the alertness of caffeine without the jitters and anxiety .

A recent study investigating the effects of a combination of 100mg l-theanine and 50mg caffeine on cognitive performance and mood on a group of 27 people and found that the combination improved response speed and accuracy while also decreasing their susceptibility to distracting information up to 90 minutes’ post dose.  

This study was followed up by a study investigating the effect of a combination of 97mg of L-theanine and 40mg of caffeine compared to placebo and found that the combination significantly improved accuracy, alertness and task switching during a demanding cognitive task.

But Wait There’s More

Besides creating an alert yet calming sensation, the supplementation of L-thanine and its inhibition of cortical neuron excitation has shown to enhance nitric oxide production in vitro. Increased nitric oxide production, a known vasodilator and the reason behind every great pump, is believed to be the primary driver behind the reduction of blood pressure, especially those in the high-response group after L-theanine supplementation.By relaxing the muscles around your blood vessels, they are able to dilate and transport nutrients more effectively.