About Us

Founded in 2017 by a Chemical Engineer with a passion for fitness and a goal of making scientifically sound supplements, all ingredients and their respective biochemistry mechanisms in our formulas have been analyzed to ensure maximum potency. While other supplement companies sell products with ingredients in doses less than the necessary amount to be effective or flat out include ingredients that have shown no benefit in clinical studies, Mammoth Labs provides a breath of fresh air with clinically engineered formulas that ensure peak performance.

Our Promise









All Mammoth Labs Supplements are researched backed and only contain the most effective ingredients in their clinically researched doses.

Our mission is clear, we want athletes around the world to crush their goals,  raise the bar, be bigger than life,....Be Huge, Be Mammoth.










The Mammoth Labs Scholarship Fund

Our mission to move the world forward creates the need for us to be more than just a company, we must pave the way for the next generation of doctors, scientists, and other professionals to build upon the foundation that has been laid and to improve the world. For this reason Mammoth Labs™ has founded the Mammoth Labs Scholarship Fund and pledges to contribute $1 per tub sale to give  financial assistance to underprivileged college students.