What Type of Collagen is Best?


Like you’ve previously heard, collagen is staple supplement in many athletes routines. It provides a wide variety of benefits but the most notable being it’s ability to improve joint function by reducing stiffness and pain.

Additionally collagen supplements are recommended by Medical and fitness experts to people facing sarcopenia to help boost muscle mass. Although collagen has many benefits and is included in a wide variety of supplements, it’s important to understand the three different types of collagen to make the right decision on which type of collagen is best for you.

  1. Type I:

Type I collagen is the primary determinant and vital component of the tensile strength of the extracellular matrix. Generally, it is investigated best for the skin. Collagen type 1 supplement preserves the level of collagen in hair, nails, and skin. Although many products with type 1 collagen state that it helps support joint function it should noted that type 1 collagen only has been illustrated to have beauty benefits in clinical studies.  So, if you are seeking some supplements for your beauty wellness routine, go for Type 1 collagen.

  1. Type II:

Type II collagen is familiar for its regenerative properties on joint function. It is often to treat pain in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis but many athletes are now taking UC-11 Type 2 collagen to reduce the pain that harms their performance.

Its vital function is to reduce friction and provide cushioning between bones as they slide against each other. This new form of Type II collagen, named UC-11, was formulated under the process that involves low heat over an extended period resulted in the chaste formation of collagen. This form retains its regenerative properties permitting consumers to enjoy many benefits with a regular dose as small as 40mg.

This is the best type of collagen supplement if you are seeking improvements to joint function and muscle recovery as it aids in the repair of ligaments, tendons, muscles, and cartilage that undergo stress during exercise.  

If you suffer from joint related aches and pains, UC-11 type II collagen is the solution for you. Since joint stiffness and pain is common among athletes we decided it was an important aspect to include in our post workout so that your entire body recover from an intense workout and not just your muscles.

  1. Type III:

This collagen is also present in the essential proteins line of collagen beauty products. Generally, Type III is present in reticular fibers, such as in bone marrow. It is primarily present along with Type I Collagen in the body. Type 3 collagen will typically be found in beauty products in combination with type 1 Collagen.