Get A Grip

Most gyms don't allow chalk for the straightforward reason that it's messy.  Even when trying to be as neat as possible, it still features a tendency of getting everywhere the place. Whenever you apply chalk, you get a lightweight dusting of the things everywhere in the immediate area, and you allow chalky handprints on everything you touch. The combination of sweat and chalk, especially on the textured grips of the weight bars, is often difficult to wash off. And since most of the people don't attempt to wash it up afterward, the gyms just make a rule saying no chalk.

Another reason I have encountered this is that once you use chalk, it makes the place look more sort of a “gym”, and less like sort a “health club”. For people who are not planning to compete in weight lifting anytime soon, most like the idea of it being more of a health club which comes off as cleaner (also why it’s often so bright inside)— so it’s an image thing, too.

Purpose of using gym chalk:

It is often frustrating and potentially dangerous to feel your hand slipping within the middle of an important lift. Gym chalk will improve your grip and help to guard your hands against skin tears. Chalk is especially useful when doing heavy lifts like dead lifts or chin-ups. Some gyms are even taking the opposite approach and supplying chalk lately because the popularity of power lifting exercises grows but due to the additional cost of maintaining the equipment this is not the norm.

Alternatives of Gym Chalk:

Do not worry if powder chalks are banned at your gym, Mammoth Labs has discovered another alternative of gym chalk with their Grip Gainer Liquid Chalk. This liquid chalk applies quickly and dry’s even with no smell. We will note that it does contain alcohol in it so if you have an open callus it might burn for a second.

Liquid Chalk:

Overall, liquid chalk for the gym is better in most circumstances with the main benefit being that you don’t have this messy bag of chalk with you. Liquid chalk can also be used for rock climbing and gymnastics with some users even claiming benefits on the golf course. Make the switch today from powder chalk to liquid chalk with Mammoth Labs Supplements Grip Gainer Liquid Chalk