Is Dry Scooping Pre-Workout Bad?

Is Dry Scooping Pre-Workout Bad?

“Dry scooping” is not a new phenomenon in the present era. It has been relegated to the multiple niche corners of the internet for many years. On these forums, people used to discuss different products that delayed muscle soreness onset, calibrate meal macros and debate the merits and demerits of supplementing one’s diet with branched-chain amino acid supplements.

As in the case of other drugs, a specific dose produces a potent healing role, while excess dosage becomes poisonous and poses harmful effects on the body. It is well established that caffeine can have numerous benefits if it is used wisely, otherwise, it can be harmful.

These days, many TikTokers are deliberately consuming an excess of caffeine via multiple servings of pre workout without much thought to the potentially deadly side effects, as they try to go viral.


With the rise in popularity of Tik Tok, many teenagers have been recording themselves taking Dry Scoops of pre workout which when you take the normal serving size shouldn't make a significant difference as most drink the beverage in 1-2 sips (1-2 mins) VS dry scoop (all at once).


Unfortunately, many of the Tik Tokers take much more than the recommended dose of these pre workouts in their attempt to go viral. This excess dosage can be a dangerous one as caffeine is one of the key ingredients in many pre workouts and can be a harmful drug if taken in excess. One TikToker had to be hospitalized for brain swelling after taking 8 scoops of pre workout which was 4x the recommended dose


Due to the activity of these TikTokers, many believe that dry scooping pre workout is dangerous but dry scooping pre-workout is considered safe, and not any different than drinking it normally as long as you’re taking the recommended dose.


Benefits of Dry Scooping pre-workout

With gyms opening up again worldwide there has been increasing use of pre workout powder as it allows many gym members to get more out of their workout, by increasing their natural energy level. This comes in especially handy when they are not feeling 100% energized going into the workout.


The key to the best pre-workout powders is to trigger the generation of a handsome amount of nitric oxide (NO2), which is a potent vasodilation agent. Vasodilation, in turn, enhances oxygen delivery and nutrients to the muscles and hence a powerful source of muscle growth.


One of the most widely used, top-rated products, "Mammoth-FX" Pre-workout is now available on Amazon. What makes this gluten free pre workout so popular is its incredible taste, many users have claimed that the Acai Blackberry flavor tastes similar to a juice or sangria.  Beyond its amazing taste, this pre workout delivers on performance as well, evident by its 5 star rating on Amazon.


Since this pre workout powder is digestion optimized it can be easily be mixed in 10-16oz of water and can deliver a great deal of energy within 15 minutes.