Four Things to Avoid If You’re Suffering From Arthritis

Living with any type of arthritis - be it rheumatoid arthritis or another form - might not seem like that big of a deal. 


But to anyone with such a condition, the arthritis symptoms can range from mild to debilitating.


With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of four things you should avoid if you have arthritis. We also have a bonus tactic at the bottom, so read until the end.


Let’s dive in.


Four Things to Avoid If You’re Suffering From Arthritis


  1. Cold Weather


Sadly, as the summer months roll by and autumn comes along, many people who have arthritis begin to suffer from joint pain and discomfort.


The best thing you can do is reduce your exposure to cold weather. When going out, dress warmly by adding layers of loose clothing. This will trap body heat better and keep your joints warm. Also, wear a hat, scarf, gloves, warm boots, and winter socks.


Thermal underclothing can also help, especially if your knees keep bothering you.


  1. Certain Foods


Interestingly enough, certain foods are bad for people with arthritis and can lead to flare-ups. Some of them include:

  • Processed meat
  • Highly-processed foods (like store-bought cookies and potato chips)
  • Foods with high sodium content
  • Alcohol
  • Sugary foods
  • Foods rich in gluten


Instead, focus on whole and nutritious foods that go through minimal to no processing. These provide you with a range of nutrients you need, help you feel better, and, most importantly, prevent arthritis flare-ups.


  1. Physical Exertion


Unsurprisingly, doing too much physical work can be detrimental if you have arthritis. 


For example, if your wrists and elbows bother you a lot, avoid using your arms for too much physical labor. The same goes for your knees: if they bother you, avoid stressing them out too much.


  1. Not Sleeping Enough


Research shows that not getting enough sleep can worsen arthritis symptoms and lower our threshold for pain. So, it’s essential to sleep at least seven hours per night.


The problem with arthritis and sleep is that folks who have this condition often suffer from sleep deprivation. Pain and discomfort can lead to sleepless nights, which, in turn, further exacerbate the issue. This creates a cursed cycle.


So, what can we do about it?


Here are five recommendations:

  • Cut out caffeine within six to eight hours of going to sleep.
  • Avoid having alcohol within a couple of hours of hitting the sack.
  • Keep a regular schedule - go to sleep and wake up at the same times each day.
  • Avoid drinking too much water in the evening, as that can lead to more frequent bathroom trips at night.
  • Have a ‘power-down’ routine. Spend the last hour before bed away from screens and doing things like taking a bath, meditating, stretching, and writing in a journal.


Take Control Over Arthritis Today

Arthritis can be debilitating. Things might go well for a while and suddenly go south. Because of this, we need to do everything in our power to control it.


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